New Site Designed, Developed and Launched for ‘Digital Future TV’

We recently designed, developed and launched a web site for one of our clients specializing in Information Technology Thought Leadership.  The site itself is aimed at presenting engaging videos tackling various aspects of IT and of its future direction.

One of the main parties interested in this venture who is presenting a series in partnership with The IT Transformation Institute is The Intel IT Center.

Digital Future TV

Playing With Purpose with Google Calendar

I have a client who likes the embedded functionality of a google calendar, but don’t like the way it looks so much.  The ‘baby blue’ frame just doesn’t belong on their site.  I’ve experimented with a few potential solutions but it looks like the best option is to use the XML feed of their calendar.

It gets a little tricky with the repeating events and only seems to want to provide me with 25 records at a time, but at least I can process the data returned and format it the way my client wants.

Took a while to do but I think that, while it lacks some of the native functionality of the iframe solution google suggests, it looks better this way.

Not live yet – still waiting to make sure the client is 100% okay though in principle they’ve blessed it. If I remember I’ll share the URL so you can see the final product.

Update 12/15/2014: Code is live and working nicely!

Visit to see the end result


I have to confess that every now and then I like to ‘goof-off’ a little and experiment with things jquery can do.  Today’s play time involved figuring out how to make a header on a web page change attributes as the page scrolls.

Initially I wanted to just figure out how to make a bold header (with navigation and graphics on it) stay at the top of the browser window but shrink as the page scrolls down, then I realized I can change anything I want on the page, ANYTHING! Woo-hoo!


Oh a couple of week’s back it was how to use jquery and AJAX to allow me to dynamically re-sort data in a database by just clicking and dragging elements on a page.  Awesome!  I still get a child-like thrill when I get something like that working! 🙂

New web site for Radiation Data of Skillman, NJ launched today

New web site launched for Radiation Data of Skillman, NJ.  The page is entirely built within a customized WordPress template and is responsive in design so that maintains usability in mobile devices without requiring additional dedicated pages of content – the pages reconfigure for the different device displays.

The following is from their home page to explain a little about the company:

Radiation Data
Radiation Data has been in business since 1983 and has installed thousands of radon systems throughout the region.

As one of New Jersey’s largest and oldest radon abatement and measurement companies, the staff at Radiation Data leads the industry in removing radon from homes, schools, and commercial and government buildings.

Radiation Data is a trusted partner to many of the largest real estate firms, environmental consultants, and builders in the country while our lab has provided assay services nationwide.

All of their technicians go through a rigorous training program to prepare them to keep your building safe from the dangers of radon.

Trust the professionals at Radiation Data for all of your radon mitigation and measurement needs.

New site launched for Spera Electrical Contracting, LLC of Hillsborough, NJ

We recently launched a new site for Spera Electrical Contracting, LLC of Hillsborough, NJ.  The site was built using HTML and CSS, with some javascript code using jquery for a slideshow highlighting various aspects of the service Spera Electrical Contracting provides in Central New Jersey.

Spera Electrical Contracting, LLC

Services provided by Spera include:

Residential, Commercial, Generators, Solar, Service Upgrades, Emergency Services, Maintenance Contracts, Phone/TV/Data, Aluminum Wire Repair, Free Estimates, and more…

CJVA Site Grows

cjvaA while back we created a web site for the Central Jersey Volleyball Academy ( Since the initial launch more and more features have been added.

Some of the more recent additions (beyond online payments) included information on team members as well college commitments.

Here’s what the site does:

The Academy is basically about teaching young boys and girls how to excel at volleyball. They have teams for various age groups that compete in highly competitive tournaments.  Their coaches manage their own team information including players names, their positions, heights, etc. as well as tournament information and results.

Meanwhile the site admin adds events, training programs (and their prices), news and can perform general maintenance of all content on the site.

The site was written to allow the owners of the academy total control over the content on the site and they’ve really taken to it!

If you manage any kind of sports academy or league you might want to check out this site.  If you live in NJ, are in high school volleyball and are within range of Flemington NJ you should absolutely check CJVA.  As of writing this post they have four players with commitments to division I colleges for 2014.


New Site Launched for JML Landscaping of Neshanic Station, NJ

JML LandscapingWe launched a newly designed site for JML Landscaping today.

The site provides various illustrations of work they’ve performed organized around the topics of:

Designing landscaping



Irrigation Services

and Property Management


Beyond the new site I also can recommend their services as I’ve used them for landscaping and for repairs and restoration of two paver path at my own home.  The two paths had been done by two other companies and both had settled dreadfully. JML came out and fixed them up and they look better than either did the first day they were done.

The landscaping they did was around a small fish pond in our backyard that had gotten completely out of control – overgrown and wild!  They cleaned out all the old poorly conceived landscaping we’d done, added a few low maintenance plants, and put small rocks down to provide a clean planting area.  They also extended the planting area matching it up with the mulched area around a tree we’d planted.  Could not have been happier.

Not ours but something they did elsewhere. I wish it was ours!

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