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AAA Rainbow, Inc has a new website


Another WordPress site, this time for AAA Rainbow, Inc Home Improvements of Somerville, NJ.

The site features examples of their work from repairing or building decks, to remodeling interior kitchens, bathrooms, and even (as seen in the image above) wine cellars!

Most of the sites I’m building these days seem to be WordPress – it empowers the client to manage their own content.

I’m also hosting the site, providing an inexpensive hosting solution scaled and priced to match this client’s needs.

The trickiest part of this project?  Probably setting up email as I had to add a TXT and an MX DNS record – the client uses office360 for their email.  Getting the Office360 settings took a little digging, but ultimately no problem! 🙂

A Journey To Change

A WordPress based site I launched not too long ago which I meant to share online but got distracted by something shiny or maybe it was a butterfly….

Biggest challenge with this project was masking the background out behind Jodi’s frizzy hair for the slideshow on the home page so that the transparency looked clean over the forest background.

I upgraded to the latest version of Photoshop just for better tools, then sought expert help from more than one Photoshop ‘whiz’, and finally took what they gave me and tweaked a little more with layered versions with varying degrees of fill and transparency.  Jodi was delighted with the outcome though so it was all worthwhile!



Now with video!

A new strategic partnership has allowed us to extend our service offerings to include video production for web sites or other marketing uses.

Our first venture was for Hunter Innovations who wanted to be able to show the benefits of a new construction product they had developed.

We also built the web site to showcase the video and the product’s benefits.


View the site

New Web Site Launched for JML Landscaping, Inc of Neshanic Station, New Jersey


JML Landscaping feels that your outdoor spaces should not only be the extension of your living area but be unique and functional as well as be a reflection of your lifestyle.

This is the second site we’ve built for JML Landscaping.  This incarnation represents a shift in messaging intended to show that they are more focussed on helping achieve lifestyle changes by realizing their client’s vision on how the exteriors of their homes can improve their overall enjoyment of their property.

The site was built using WordPress – we created a child theme based on a standard template.  This allowed us to incorporate distinct design elements and customize how the site renders in various display sizes (from phones, to tablets, to laptops, to large screen desktops).

One thing a little different about this site is the use of a full screen background slide show.  Each page features a small number of background images that cycle through in a repeating sequence showing a sample of projects carried out by JML Landscaping.  This is particularly effective on the home page where only the menu, the backgrounds, and some simple messaging are present (the screen shot above shows this page).

Visit their site today


New Web Site Launched for Somerset Hills Property Management

Today we launched a new web site for Somerset Hills Property Management, a NJ based property management company.

To quote from the site “Hiring a property manager allows you to get and keep your rental in optimal condition at all times. You increase the likelihood of higher rent, a more stable tenant and a better return on your investment. We’re the first point of contact for your tenant, so you can relax knowing that we’re taking care of issues and keeping your tenant happy.”

Take a look

Somerset Hills Property Management

New Web Site Launched for Don’t Sit Home®

Don't Sit HomeLast week we launched a new site for a local venture whose goal is to bring a consolidated list of things to do and places to visit into one web site.  The primary focus is on places and activities within New York City and neighboring Hoboken, NJ.

Amanda (the driving force behind this site) seems to have an uncanny knack of finding surprising and fun things to do, plus some great deals.

So if you are in the NYC or Hoboken areas and would like to find a great restaurant, or a concert to attend, or just a great place to hang out with friends over a drink, then visit today on your computer or smartphone.

UPDATE: I’m sad to say this site has gone dark. The client didn’t want to maintain it and they are just using social media now.

New Site Designed, Developed and Launched for ‘Digital Future TV’

We recently designed, developed and launched a web site for one of our clients specializing in Information Technology Thought Leadership.  The site itself is aimed at presenting engaging videos tackling various aspects of IT and of its future direction.

One of the main parties interested in this venture who is presenting a series in partnership with The IT Transformation Institute is The Intel IT Center.

Digital Future TV

Achieve Our Dreams

A new client of mine  is looking for some SEO help as well as having me create a WordPress site for their content.  As always I don’t actually decide what content goes into a site, but I make recommendations about keyword usage.  I chose to recommend WordPress as the platform for several reasons:

Its a great platform for clients to manage adding their own content.  They can upload images as well as add and edit their own content.

It supports SEO by allowing easy definition of page names (in the URL) that match the SEO objectives on a page by page basis.

It allows frequent easy updates to show a vibrant living web site.


One of the additional services I’m providing to this client is the production of regular reports that use several chosen search terms and measures the site’s performance in both Google and Bing.  This way its easy to see which pages are showing up and how high.  Then if some changes are made to the text we can see if it helps over time.


The site can be found at

New web site for North Jersey Door Center

The folks at North Jersey Door Center have a second web site that has been impossible for them to directly update for quite a long while. We were charged with doing a basic and really quick revamping of the look.

The primary focus though was on making it readily updatable. To do this we decided to use a responsive WordPress template which we installed and (tweaked) customized in one day with all the old data added.

See a simple site [not kidding, there is almost no real design involved, just a basic site that they can update for themselves] that we built and populated in a day just to get them back up and running at very minimal cost :