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What a Headache!


Battling broken code in a client’s site that was built using PHP 5.

Their hosting company arbitrarily decided to upgrade to PHP 7 and the code used for database interactions was all deprecated (translation=”now totally non-functional”).

A little warning would have been nice so I could update code to use mysqli at a reasonable pace rather than a fire drill.

The front-end was easy to fix and back up and running in short order, but the back end maintenance site is giving me headaches.  SO much code to change.

AAA Rainbow, Inc has a new website


Another WordPress site, this time for AAA Rainbow, Inc Home Improvements of Somerville, NJ.

The site features examples of their work from repairing or building decks, to remodeling interior kitchens, bathrooms, and even (as seen in the image above) wine cellars!

Most of the sites I’m building these days seem to be WordPress – it empowers the client to manage their own content.

I’m also hosting the site, providing an inexpensive hosting solution scaled and priced to match this client’s needs.

The trickiest part of this project?  Probably setting up email as I had to add a TXT and an MX DNS record – the client uses office360 for their email.  Getting the Office360 settings took a little digging, but ultimately no problem! 🙂

A Journey To Change

A WordPress based site I launched not too long ago which I meant to share online but got distracted by something shiny or maybe it was a butterfly….

Biggest challenge with this project was masking the background out behind Jodi’s frizzy hair for the slideshow on the home page so that the transparency looked clean over the forest background.

I upgraded to the latest version of Photoshop just for better tools, then sought expert help from more than one Photoshop ‘whiz’, and finally took what they gave me and tweaked a little more with layered versions with varying degrees of fill and transparency.  Jodi was delighted with the outcome though so it was all worthwhile!



One of the things I enjoy about my job





I love it when a project involves doing something I’ve never done before, or combining a couple of things I HAVE done, but in a new and creative way.

A recent example was when a client asked me to add some new functionality to their site to allow them to generate a custom PDF welcome letter with variable information in it and then email that from a list of registered ids on their web site.  We also save details of who received it as well as a copy of the PDF AND the variable information in a way that the client can resend or send to more people with the same information or a slightly modified version.

Sounds simple – but I was surprised to find that many email recipients weren’t getting the PDF during testing – something peculiar to this particular situation of an email with an attached PDF.  To get around this I had to incorporate PHPMailer to send via an SMTP account instead of just using the server to mail things itself.  Now it looks just like the client himself mailed it – no more issues.

Another successful project where I learned something new – this stuff still gets me excited after all these years!!! 🙂

Now with video!

A new strategic partnership has allowed us to extend our service offerings to include video production for web sites or other marketing uses.

Our first venture was for Hunter Innovations who wanted to be able to show the benefits of a new construction product they had developed.

We also built the web site to showcase the video and the product’s benefits.


View the site