Monthly Archives: September 2016

AAA Rainbow, Inc has a new website


Another WordPress site, this time for AAA Rainbow, Inc Home Improvements of Somerville, NJ.

The site features examples of their work from repairing or building decks, to remodeling interior kitchens, bathrooms, and even (as seen in the image above) wine cellars!

Most of the sites I’m building these days seem to be WordPress – it empowers the client to manage their own content.

I’m also hosting the site, providing an inexpensive hosting solution scaled and priced to match this client’s needs.

The trickiest part of this project?  Probably setting up email as I had to add a TXT and an MX DNS record – the client uses office360 for their email.  Getting the Office360 settings took a little digging, but ultimately no problem! 🙂

Spent time installing Ruby on Rails


So I decided it was time to install Ruby on Rails on my mac.  It was more time consuming than I’d expected.  I also spent considerably more time in terminal at the command prompt than I’m used to these days.

I didn’t want to use a ‘one-click installer’ for this as wanted to be a little more hands-on and have a sense of what was involved component-wise.

Steps were configuring Git, setting up an SSH cert there, setting up Homebrew, then rvm, checking the gem manager installs, updating installed gems, installing bundler to manage gems, installing nokogirl (which is a dependency for many other gems), upgrading ruby to a more current version, then installing rails.

At the end of all this I was finally able to display a web page on the laptop.

That’s it for now.  Environment set up – but actual work called so I had to leave this for now.  I’ll be back!

Useful link:

Use of the Ruby on Rails logo should in no way be taken to infer an endorsement of Blue Larch llc

A Journey To Change

A WordPress based site I launched not too long ago which I meant to share online but got distracted by something shiny or maybe it was a butterfly….

Biggest challenge with this project was masking the background out behind Jodi’s frizzy hair for the slideshow on the home page so that the transparency looked clean over the forest background.

I upgraded to the latest version of Photoshop just for better tools, then sought expert help from more than one Photoshop ‘whiz’, and finally took what they gave me and tweaked a little more with layered versions with varying degrees of fill and transparency.  Jodi was delighted with the outcome though so it was all worthwhile!