Monthly Archives: June 2016

One of the things I enjoy about my job





I love it when a project involves doing something I’ve never done before, or combining a couple of things I HAVE done, but in a new and creative way.

A recent example was when a client asked me to add some new functionality to their site to allow them to generate a custom PDF welcome letter with variable information in it and then email that from a list of registered ids on their web site.  We also save details of who received it as well as a copy of the PDF AND the variable information in a way that the client can resend or send to more people with the same information or a slightly modified version.

Sounds simple – but I was surprised to find that many email recipients weren’t getting the PDF during testing – something peculiar to this particular situation of an email with an attached PDF.  To get around this I had to incorporate PHPMailer to send via an SMTP account instead of just using the server to mail things itself.  Now it looks just like the client himself mailed it – no more issues.

Another successful project where I learned something new – this stuff still gets me excited after all these years!!! 🙂