Monthly Archives: October 2014

Playing With Purpose with Google Calendar

I have a client who likes the embedded functionality of a google calendar, but don’t like the way it looks so much.  The ‘baby blue’ frame just doesn’t belong on their site.  I’ve experimented with a few potential solutions but it looks like the best option is to use the XML feed of their calendar.

It gets a little tricky with the repeating events and only seems to want to provide me with 25 records at a time, but at least I can process the data returned and format it the way my client wants.

Took a while to do but I think that, while it lacks some of the native functionality of the iframe solution google suggests, it looks better this way.

Not live yet – still waiting to make sure the client is 100% okay though in principle they’ve blessed it. If I remember I’ll share the URL so you can see the final product.

Update 12/15/2014: Code is live and working nicely!

Visit to see the end result