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I have to confess that every now and then I like to ‘goof-off’ a little and experiment with things jquery can do.  Today’s play time involved figuring out how to make a header on a web page change attributes as the page scrolls.

Initially I wanted to just figure out how to make a bold header (with navigation and graphics on it) stay at the top of the browser window but shrink as the page scrolls down, then I realized I can change anything I want on the page, ANYTHING! Woo-hoo!


Oh a couple of week’s back it was how to use jquery and AJAX to allow me to dynamically re-sort data in a database by just clicking and dragging elements on a page.  Awesome!  I still get a child-like thrill when I get something like that working! 🙂

New web site for Radiation Data of Skillman, NJ launched today

New web site launched for Radiation Data of Skillman, NJ.  The page is entirely built within a customized WordPress template and is responsive in design so that maintains usability in mobile devices without requiring additional dedicated pages of content – the pages reconfigure for the different device displays.

The following is from their home page to explain a little about the company:

Radiation Data
Radiation Data has been in business since 1983 and has installed thousands of radon systems throughout the region.

As one of New Jersey’s largest and oldest radon abatement and measurement companies, the staff at Radiation Data leads the industry in removing radon from homes, schools, and commercial and government buildings.

Radiation Data is a trusted partner to many of the largest real estate firms, environmental consultants, and builders in the country while our lab has provided assay services nationwide.

All of their technicians go through a rigorous training program to prepare them to keep your building safe from the dangers of radon.

Trust the professionals at Radiation Data for all of your radon mitigation and measurement needs.

New site launched for Spera Electrical Contracting, LLC of Hillsborough, NJ

We recently launched a new site for Spera Electrical Contracting, LLC of Hillsborough, NJ.  The site was built using HTML and CSS, with some javascript code using jquery for a slideshow highlighting various aspects of the service Spera Electrical Contracting provides in Central New Jersey.

Spera Electrical Contracting, LLC

Services provided by Spera include:

Residential, Commercial, Generators, Solar, Service Upgrades, Emergency Services, Maintenance Contracts, Phone/TV/Data, Aluminum Wire Repair, Free Estimates, and more…