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Google SEO and the Penguin 2.1 Update

A lot of people naturally enough are interested in optimizing their sites for search engine placement (SEO).  What most struggle with is exactly what to do to achieve the best results.  Google doesn’t make the task any easier for the layman to master as it routinely changes how it determines page ranking in its search results.

One of the more recent changes according to some who try to understand how ranking is derived is that Google is now actually analyzing page content for readability using standard analysis methods such as Flesch Kincaid and Dale Chall as part of a combination of metrics to evaluate linking content.

Here’s a picture of a penguin – just because

Hello, I’m a chinstrap penguin!

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Achieve Our Dreams

A new client of mine  is looking for some SEO help as well as having me create a WordPress site for their content.  As always I don’t actually decide what content goes into a site, but I make recommendations about keyword usage.  I chose to recommend WordPress as the platform for several reasons:

Its a great platform for clients to manage adding their own content.  They can upload images as well as add and edit their own content.

It supports SEO by allowing easy definition of page names (in the URL) that match the SEO objectives on a page by page basis.

It allows frequent easy updates to show a vibrant living web site.


One of the additional services I’m providing to this client is the production of regular reports that use several chosen search terms and measures the site’s performance in both Google and Bing.  This way its easy to see which pages are showing up and how high.  Then if some changes are made to the text we can see if it helps over time.


The site can be found at