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Total Care Physical Therapy of Hillsborough NJ

Its only a home page right now while we’re waiting for content but welcome Anastasios (Tom) Bouziotis to the web where his new company now has a presence.

Tom only recently opened his state of art facility here in Hillsborough. We did a quick tour shortly after the doors opened and he’s done a tremendous job, the place looks fantastic! Kudos to some of my fellow BNI’ers in ClientsPlus who helped with the process. Specifically Charlie Nuara at ERA Statewide Realty in Hillsborough, who as his realtor found this great location for him; and Kolbe Clark one of the owners at Aurora Kitchens & Interiors who helped with the look of the place.

So check out the site and contact Tom if you need a Physical Therapist!

New web site for North Jersey Door Center

The folks at North Jersey Door Center have a second web site that has been impossible for them to directly update for quite a long while. We were charged with doing a basic and really quick revamping of the look.

The primary focus though was on making it readily updatable. To do this we decided to use a responsive WordPress template which we installed and (tweaked) customized in one day with all the old data added.

See a simple site [not kidding, there is almost no real design involved, just a basic site that they can update for themselves] that we built and populated in a day just to get them back up and running at very minimal cost :

I’m becoming more responsive


Okay so if you haven’t heard of responsive web design and you are a web designer or developer I’d be curious to know what type of rock you’ve been hiding under. Responsive web design is realistically the ONLY way anyone should be designing web sites at this point.

What is it and why do I care?

In the ‘good old days’ we only had to worry about what type of browser someone was using on their PC or Apple. Now more and more of the web traffic is on phones and tablets. So what’s the problem with that? In short they all have different display sizes and pixel counts. How can you design a web site for someone when it may be viewed on a phone or a wide screen computer monitor? That’s where responsive design comes in. The trick is to code your CSS (cascading style sheets) in such a way that elements float, resize, appear, disappear based on the screen size of the display device. It takes a little thought, but using maximum-width rather than absolute width in pixels, or using a percentage width will allow the images, or content blocks to resize and flow as you want them.

@media queries allow you to conditionally set attributes on your div tags, images, font sizes, display attributes. If you aren’t doing responsive yet, its time to get with the program or your sites won’t be ‘phone-friendly’ and that will be a big problem sooner rather than later.

Rutgers Folk Festival

New Jersey Folk FestivalSeems like I keep forgetting to update information here about all the new sites I’ve built….. Last month we launched a new web site for the Rutgers Folk Festival, an annual event on the grounds of Rutgers, The State University of NJ.  We’d been supporting the site for several years, based upon what a previous developer had built.  We finally got the go-ahead to revamp the site and do so in a way that gave access to the various students responsive for their own sections of the site.

Really happy with the way the site turned out and it really empowered the students and faculty to use the site as an active communication vehicle!  Take a look:


Here’s the BEFORE image for comparison